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Heather Tomlinson
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Welcome to Heather Tomlinson's on-line journal!

I love to read mystery, fantasy and speculative fiction of all kinds, and write mostly fantasy for young adults.

My books are often set in alternate versions of France, where I lived for a couple of years, and which remains the country of my imagination. French notebooks come in many delicious shapes and styles. A "calepin" is the kind you tuck in your coat pocket to keep track of metro stops, cafe addresses, your friends' shoe sizes, movies you've been meaning to rent, the dimensions of the corner wall where you hope to cram another bookcase, rose names from the Jardin des Plantes, shopping lists, bits of overheard conversation, book titles people recommend, and whatever odd things you notice on the streets of Paris (or wherever you happen to be).

I expect this journal will contain a similarly random assortment of notes.